Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Surgery Day Has Gone...

Aaaah, it's over! I'm sitting in a dark room next to my "hopefully" sleeping daughter. Tessa was an amazing champion today! Let me give you a couple of examples.
1. When she realized that she had a stitch in her tongue (which was pretty uncomfortable), she said, "I don't want this in here". We told her that it comes out tomorrow b/f we head home and that was the last we heard of that.
2. Right before we left the Recovery Room she threw up a bunch of blood (totally normal), it didn't even phase her...she didn't even get upset that it got on her blankie! What a champ!
3. Whenever the nurse asked her what her pain level was, she always answered "no pain" with a great big smile on her face...what a champ!
4. At 6pm tonight she got to get off her more wires attached! Just after that, her friends, the Igos, came to visit her and she was dancing all over with them. Who knew she had just had surgery this morning?!
5. As she was dozing off tonight she said to me, "Mom, I feel normal." Wow...God is good!
Thank you so much for all your prayers! The day went by so smoothly, not one hiccup throughout the entire day. Each of our prayers were answered. We got great nurses, Dr. Urata did a fabulous job, and we got a room right away (only 1 hour in the Recovery Room!)
We haven't SEEN Dr. Urata yet since the surgery, but he's called 2x. He mentioned that it was a very complex surgery but he was happy with how everything turned out. :) He's going to be swinging by our room in the morning to check things out. He also mentioned that Tessa's palate is going to look pretty pieced together for about 6 weeks, but then after that, everything should be great. So nice to hear those words!
Here are some photos from the day...I've got to keep this brief, I'm literally falling asleep at the computer right now (in fact, I just deleted an entire row of accidental ks).
I think Mark could do this all day long!

Tessa showing you her stitch in her tongue

The Recovery Room right before Tessa threw up
Pretty cool, we felt like we were at an airport watching this monitor. Tessa's number was 12587, at this point she had been in the Operating Room for almost 3 hours. It ended up being 3 hours 20 minutes.

Our dear friend Ryan came by to represent the Verwys family...thanks for praying over Tessa, Ryan, that meant a ton to us! The Igos fought the LA traffic and brought a party to the room...and dinner! Thanks guys!

Again, Mark and Tessa glued to the screen...can you believe this duo? :) Two peas in a pod! Tessa's dinner consisted of mashed potatoes, apple sauce, pudding, yogurt, chocolate milk. And for dessert...just kidding, the whole stinkin' meal was like a dessert! Lucky girl. She also was hooked up all day to the screen. It's called the Feel Better Network, you bet it made her feel better! She's never going to want to leave this place!
Molly LOVED playing up in the window sill area. Pretty sweet view, I can hardly blame her. She demanded getting her diaper changed up there. :)

Tessa just talked in her sleep...she does this quite a bit. She said, "Mom, can I be done?" Bless her heart, maybe she does want to go home with us after all. :)

We love you honey, you make us so proud!


debtfreesoldier said...

Praise God for the many answered prayers! We can't wait to come over to see Tessa when we get back to CA and hear more about it from her. :)

Chrissy Padilla said...

Thank you for posting the update for all of us who are far away but praying :) Love you guys!

Jennifer Machan said...

Wow, what great news!! I am so happy for you all! It looks like Tessa was a trooper. It brings back memories of all the emotions we went through only five months ago, but it seems like it has gone so fast. Thank you for sharing and we will for sure see you at the team meeting in May! Let's try and get our girls together soon so they can chat.