Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Our dear Molly was jumping on our friend's trampoline and slipped right out of the doorway onto the hard cement. Mercy Sakes! I have NEVER seen such a huge, swollen, purple eye in my life! I think I freaked out more with Molly than I did with Tessa. :) We can't even see her eye today. Anyone else have a child who has done this and then looked this bad??? Doctor or no doctor? I tried to get in today but they were booked. :( I guess time will tell...praying tomorrow it looks a little better.

On the positive side of things...Tessa is doing amazing! I think she's going to go back to school tomorrow. :) She gets to celebrate her birthday with her class and go to chapel, should be a fun day. :)
Love these girls!


Chrissy Padilla said...

Haha. Little bruisers. They're so beautiful, though.