Sunday, April 15, 2012

Out of the Fog

Check this girl out! What a champion.
Praise the Lord for all the answered prayers for Tessa. :) He is good.

Here are some updates:
Tessa is more and more herself everyday
She's LOVING running around and being tickled
She's super excited about turning 5 on Saturday
She got to jump (by herself) on our neighbors new trampoline
She's still a bit hesitant in social situations
She's still pretty emotional and will cry at the smallest thing
Her speech is very nasally and difficult to understand
She let me clean the dry blood off her nose with hydrogen peroxide (worked like a champ!)
No more yucky medicine
Slowly starting to be able to smile (this may take a while though)
Mom is looking forward to screen time detoxing this week

Keep those prayers coming!


Angela said...

What a beautiful and precious little princess. I'll be praying for her pain-free and full-of-joy smile to come back soon! Sending lots of love and prayers!

The Benningtons said...

That's so wonderful to hear...and she looks great! Happy 5th Birthday, Tessa!

Aunt Dotty said...

What a great picture and report. We are praying for the healing to continue on all levels. Happy Birthday, Tessa.