Saturday, July 07, 2012

Loving Our Little Clara...her first week

My Goodness, I can't believe that this precious child is already one week old!  Granted, the week has definitely NOT flown much has happened since she's been around.  She's met some wonderful people, however, she was unable to meet her great-grandma by one day seeing how she passed away the day before Clara was born (one went up to Heaven and one came down from Heaven), she's gotten to spend some quality time with BOTH Grandmas...what a blessed little lady!  And the amount of love she receives DAILY from all of us...what a treat! :)  

Here are some recent pictures from the first week she's been home:
Clara's first day home...notice the bruising in her face

 Tessa painted a picture for Clara...AND made her bed for her.  What a sweetie pie!

 What a little peanut (or burrito if you will)!

 Big sister Molly ALWAYS wants to hold Baby Clara.  "You feed baby and then I hold her."

 Mark just can't get enough of this time with Clara.  And seeing how he isn't working summer school this year...he's getting it often. :)

 We visited our favorite coffee shop the day we came home from the hospital, you can tell Clara thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

 First time in the pouch with Daddy

 Copelands came for a visit and blessed us with an amazing meal

 Last day with Grandma Jeanne

Clara loves hanging out with Megan!

 My two sleeping beauties!  What you can't tell in this picture is that there are super duper loud fireworks blasting off every 15 seconds. :)  Precious.

Clara has been sleeping in her swing now for, oh, a good 3 hours.  Mercy!  I think I would too, just look how comfy she looks!  A big ONE week old in this picture.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby! So good to see her in pictures, being this far away! keep us posted! xo jill & ryan

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