Monday, October 01, 2012

3 months...already???

Yep, I did it again.  Blogging, Reading, Journaling, etc haven't been on my radar in quite some time.  However, we DID just get a new camera that I'm pretty pumped about (seeing how we've gone through 2 duds since our precious Clara arrived!)  So, we'll say that NOW, because of good picture taking ability, I'll update more frequently. :)
Clara Rose was 3 months yesterday.  What a treasure this little girl has been to our family.  She fits right hasn't skipped a beat.  It helps that it's been utter chaos here anyway, to add a fifth member of our family during this time would just seem appropriate. I'll begin with Clara and then tag on the chaos later.
I'm going to list the things to make it easier on myself:
1.  Great sleeper.  Wakes up once during the night and most of the time will go right back to sleep unless...
2.  MAJOR Spitter Upper.  My goodness, this child can spit up! doesn't hurt her.  Nope.  Can't tell that it's coming.  It just comes...sometimes in large quantities and sometimes small.  I'm hoping that it's just something she'll outgrow.  It does make her pretty high maintainence at the moment though.  Gotta make sure we've got that burp cloth at all times!  In fact I'm going to the fabric store to pick up some cute ribbon to decorate our plain white burp clothes...I figure I might as well use a cute one instead of a white one if I'm WEARING it all the time. :)  I'm just thankful that we have wood floors! 
3.  Loves to suck her fingers.  I love the sound of Clara sucking on her fingers!  I thought she might be our first pacifier baby but she has proven me wrong.  :)  That's what babies are supposed to do, right? :)
4.  Makes the most adorable noises in her pouch!  The loud, deep breathing noises never get old.  They aren't going to be around much longer. :(
5.  LOVES to get her diaper changed!  Clara has got both Mark and me wrapped around her little finger on this one.  As soon as we lay her down she turns on the charm!  Big smiles and cooing and those adorable eyes looking right at us.  I most definitely take my time at the changing table. :)  Perhaps it's because it's CLARA sisters to share our attention.  It's pretty cute.
6.  Loves camping in the Sportsmobile.  I think she's spent a good 6 nights sleeping in the Sportsmobile.  This girl is going to LOVE roadtrips!
7.  Has been to 3 REI Used Gear Sales already...we're preparing her to be a true outdoors woman. :)
So, there you've got it!  Clara Rose in a nutshell.
And NOW for some pictures (in random order):
 The 3 sisters
 Sleeping peacefully in her swing (adorable quilt made by her very own Auntie Erin!)
 Waiting to get into REI
 First time in the pool
 First time on the swing
 Taking a snooze in big sister Tessa's bed
 Loving her little lamby
 Sea World
 Making those adorable noises
Full tummy!
Here's that smile I told you about.  Clara on her changing table, loving the attention! :)


Anonymous said...

yeah! oh so precious! thank you for the big hug and smiles via your pictures. miss you all, and look forward to calling you today!

Megan said...

She just gets more and more adorable with each passing day! Love Miss Clara and how she is the perfect addition to your family. :)