Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pulling of the Teeth

I don't really look deep into Tessa's mouth that often.  I know that she has a second row of teeth that she has to make sure to brush.  I know that she still has a hole (fistula) in the front of her palate.  I know that she has a sweet party trick where she can take a sip of water and then squirt it out her nose. I know that we need to spend some time working on social etiquette. ;)
Tessa went to bed tonight feeling afraid of the unknown...getting those two second row baby teeth pulled tomorrow.  We prayed together for her to be filled with courage rather than fear.  She has a Rock to lean on and cling to and it's due time to start leaning and clinging!  I love that Tessa has a personal relationship with Jesus and she "gets it".  Her upcoming surgeries and procedures have potential to be scary but at the same time...we are celebrating that every surgery is getting her closer what?  What word do I put in there?  Mark and I can't think of one.  How about, no more speech sessions...people understanding her when she talks...
We are just thrilled that she loves to look at herself in the mirror & stare at her reflection in the window...she's a beautiful, strong, brave child of God!