Monday, July 11, 2005

Day 14 - Happy Birthday, Dad!

Who could forget July 9? Sorry I couldn't get ahold of you...Mark and I are having a very interesting time trying to figure out the phone system out here, all the different calling cards and such, it's becoming quite humorous. :)
Today we toured Rothenburg with about 1,000 other's one of the only walled in cities left in all of Bavaria, very old (1200's)and still all intact. We hiked around the place (trying to get away from all the people) and had a wonderful day just looking around. I think this was our 3rd sunny day so far? But, hey, who's counting? We tried the infamous Schneeballs and were THRILLED to see that an icecream cone costed us only $.50!!!!! I think we each got 2 of them.
I was craving the sun and Mark was craving keeping in touch with the world, so this was our first time splitting up. I went to a sunny patch of grass (in the middle of all the tourists) and took a nap, and Mark went to the Internet Cafe. We were both happy. Kind of a kick-back day.
Some things about Rothenburg...
World known for their Christmas 365 days a year.
Cobblestone streets, horse drawn buggies
You can walk around on top of the wall that goes around the city
That's about it...other than it's super expensive and we had the intentions of getting a bunch of Christmas ornaments for people, however they each went for around
$13.00 each. So, we'd like you all to know that it's the thought that counts!
Truese, Mark and Allison