Monday, July 04, 2005

Day 7 - weak breakfast!!!

I will do my best here Allison is usually a hawk hoovering over my shoulder correcting my spelling and grammer because i never reread what i write ( i am lazy and i figure you will get the point). We started off our day with our first free meal of the trip of our first bed and breakfast, huh, it consisted of all the toast you could eat with coffee or hot chocolate. Not necessarily my version of a bed and breakfast but who is complaining. We went for an eraly morning walk and ended up in a bar beacuse it started raining and luckily Wimbledon was on the big screen so i knew i was not going to be leaving soon so i messed aropund on their computer while she got her fill. About an 1.5 hours later smelling like smoke we were on a mission for some bikes. We found some sweet tandem bike and worked a deal with the owner. Somehow Allison turns up the charm and everytime i am blown away what she ends up with. We had two hour of being kids again. Within the first 10 minutes we almost ate it big time. Man it is hard to steer a big bike. I'm in the front trying to ride straight on cobble stone streets while Allison is pedaling, holding on and reading a map. Allison will even admit she cannot do 2 things at one time. We had to stop 15-20 times because we were lost. All in all good time had by all. Next we took the train to the ocean. It was a nice 15 minute walk from the end of the station, nothing special though. Couldn't find anything to eat down there though. When we came back we visited some baby store becuase we keep seeing some really cool baby strollers that look like golf bag carts, found out that they are ony 600 dollars, ouch. Off to our restaurant again where it seems that it is a total local hangout. The food is good and a resasonable price considering the area. I am still bumming over the beverage situation too. I am having my own protest on the beverage prices and no refill so me and Allison both did not order a drink. We showed them! The waiter looked at us kind of weird becuase we were able to get two free beers. Anyways off to bed around 12ish to get up early for the coutries biggest flee market a block away from our place.