Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Day 35 - Some more hiking and relaxing

Ate breakfast and we were off early to get some more hiking in. We went to the last of the 5 twons by train and checked it out. Not much there except some resorts and about 30 feet of public beach which was pakced. The entire rest of the beach was the resorts where u had to pay 19 euros a day.... what a joke. We grabbed some food and took off on our hike back to the 4th town. It took us 1.5 hours hiking through vineyards and and olive trees. Once we reached our destination we bought a raft for Allison to float on while i hit an airconditioned internet place. I later joined her for some wave riding with our cheap raft. Took the train back and made dinner again and ended the evening with some chess. We are playing a lot so if anyone wants a challenge...bring it.