Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Day 36 - Off too.........?

Our next destination was Switzerland but the weather was rainging so we delayed our trip and decided to stop off in Lake Como. Tons of chess and cards on the train to Milano. We got off an chekced the lost and found where our poster hopefully might have been and no luck :( All hope is gone for it now. (sigh) So we took another short train ride to lake como and then an hour long bus ride all along the coast. ( a big day of train and busses) We struck a conversation up with an old mand the entire time. He gave us some history and some fun conversation. We arrived and dropped our bags off at the hostel and walked around the town. We figured we could give this place 1 additional day to tour and hopefully the weather will clear up in Switzerland. Stayed up late and closed the place playing chess. Incredible thunder storm throughtout the night from our room overlooking the lake. quite roomates, bonus.