Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Day 37 - Exploring Menaggio

Well, the day started off with a good breakfast overlooking Lake Como...the weather here wasn't looking very promising either. We bolted to the Tourist Info place and got some ideas of where to go hiking around here. She advised us to stay in the valleys and meadows vs. the high up places, thunderstorms. Mark let me look around in the shops around town. The town is very quaint...I like that. :) We walked along the lake for a while, soaked it all in, so beautiful. Up the streets we weaved, up and up and up. Soon we were at the last little town before nothing. We stopped in a little market where we tried to order some sliced meat and bread. The language barrier was very high so some nice lady helped us out. She was actually from California but living on Lake Como, she informed us that George Clooney lives right down the road from her. I guess he fell in love with the place after they filmed Ocean's 12 all around the area. We looked for him, no luck. OK, so back to the hike. It was all along this river, very nice walk. It was supposed to last for about 3.5 hours...well, we got a tad confused with the directions and ended up hiking for a good 5.5 hours. It was good for us. :) Not too difficult, so that was nice. We ended up in the center square again quite hungry. I got a gelati and Mark couldn't decide so we hit up the grocery store for him. After that we went back to the hostel (perfect location and you couldn't beat the price, €13.50/pp, incredible. We played some Connect 4 to kill a bit of time before dinner, I read a little bit, Mark listened to the ipod, and we both ended up falling asleep. Woke up and went into town for a live music concert! The Beatland, obviously they played Beatles music, they were very good. We topped it all off with a hamby...the first hamburger that was around for the last 10 days. Mark was thrilled! It started raining so we made our way home and hit the sack hard. Tomorrow we head to Switzerland!