Monday, August 06, 2007

Catching Up...lots of photos!

I know, the two are cute.... they are my new Calvin College socks my Grandma got me. A couple minutes later I peed on Mommy b/c I was so excited about my new socks.
Daddy is infatuated with cows and making cow noises for me. While at the Ottawa County Fair we went to see all of the animals. It was funny, all the cows were very timid of me so this was the closest I got. (Side note: I experienced my very first demolition derby earlier in the evening...actually I slept through the whole thing.)
Squeeeeeeeze in!!! Here is my first visit with the Tanis family. So much fun. They even unfroze a wonderfully yummy cake for the occassion.
Here's a family photo after dinner one night in the golf course's beautiful garden.
Grandpa took us out for a round of 9 holes at his golf course. This was Tessa's first time riding for an extended period of time not in her car seat. She loved it especially the wind blowing through her hair.
Another family photo...kind of cheesy, I know.
We are too cheap to get a professional Olan Mills photo done. :)
Tessa slept in the antique crib that Allison grew up in. (And just for the was an antique even when SHE slept in it.) It was slightly larger than a bassinet. She loved it.
Mark grew up going to Kimball Lake every summmer in Michigan. There are a ton of fun memories here...skiing, fishing, catching turtles, eating popcorn, boats running out of gas. It was good to be back here for a short visit.
Tessa taking a dip in the lake

This was Tessa's first poop in 8 days. We chalked her up with some watery milk and 6 hours later LOOK OUT! This was taken just outside of The Grand Teton National Park with an amazing sunset.
Tessa learned this trick a couple of weeks ago. So much fun to see her grow!

Here's Mark feeding Tessa in the Bass Pro Shop. This store is amazing and sells everything you could think of. Tessa loved the waterfall behind us and stared at it for a good 20 minutes.

Grace Asper was showing Tessa how all the things worked on this exersaucer. This is her first time in one of these. So much fun staying with Allison's college roommate, Julie and her husband Ben. Thanks again you guys!

We visited Allion's friend Rebecca and these are her two little ones... Matthew and Natalie.

Pretty in Pink for now. We visited the Wards and Kirsten let us use her room and this was a chair in her room. Dual hand action!

Chicago was a great stop. We stayed with Julie Asper (Allison's college roommate), left, and visited with Amy Helms (college friend), right. We also had the opportunity to see the Wards, Rebecca Nadelhoffer, and Tracy & Kevin Carlson. Good Times!


cristina said...

great pics!

danielle said...

love all the pictures! looks like you all had a good trip...i'm glad!

hope all is well! :)

Anonymous said...

That's the kind of updating I like to see! Keep'um coming! :)