Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To Answer ALL of your questions...

We finally got a phone call from Tessa's plastic surgeon to set up the first surgery. Unfortunately we missed the call and have been playing phone tag ever since. We're pretty sure that we'll have a better idea tomorrow. We'll keep you posted.

Also, we've been getting lots of questions about Tessa's feeding and how things are coming along. We forgot to update that part of the blog (we stopped at the frustrations with her opterator and the difficulties she had with her breathing.) So, just so you can all sleep better, Tessa wears her obterator at all times unless we take it out to clean it. She actually doesn't like it when it's out! Amazing at how the doctor always knows best...we thought for sure he was out of his mind when he told us that she'll end up loving it. :)

And Mark wanted me to let you all know that he's looking forward to the NEW questions of:
"When's the NEXT surgery going to take place?"
We think we have an idea that her first surgery will be closing one side and then the second one will probably take place AFTER that one heals up. But, who knows for sure. Be assured that we'll let you know.
Thanks for all the prayers...she is doing absolutely great! So much fun to see her personality come out. We are trying to get video of her giggling...she started doing that a few weeks ago in Michigan. (It's ALMOST as funny as that "laughing baby boy" on YouTube.)

That's all for now. The road trip continues...showers are postponed...and there's fish to be caught. Take care!


Anonymous said...

Where are you guys??? :) Some of us Calfornians are going through Fieldhouse withdrawls! Let me know when you get back!

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

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cristina said...

haha, sorry, but i just had to say something after that spam comment... i've been laughing pretty stinking hard after reading it!
anywho, my address is 324 noordeweir hall, and then calvin's address. noordeweirien is the way to be!
hope your trip is going awesome! looking forward to another post :)