Sunday, October 14, 2007

My stay at the hospital

Tessa spent 6 hours in the pediatric recovery where we were able to get one whole feeding in while she was totally drowsy from her medication. She was on morphine throughout the night to help her sleep. Fortunately she only woke up once. We switched over to Tylenol in the morning because that is what we would be using at home. Dr. Wells came to visit early in the morning and thought that everything was looking good. He discharged us immediately :) (Maybe he saw that we had already packed everything up and were ready to go). We had some great visitors starting with Grandma, Kristin DeBie, Jen and Jordan Gray (they have been a wealth of knowledge throughout this whole process), and the Igo family brought us some yummy food.


cristina said...

glad to see the updates... tessa is such a trooper, in fact, she's my hero... as are you guys...
i'm praying for you guys!

aunt bonnie said...

Dear Mark and Allison-I have been focused on your blog since the surgery--You are both so amazing with this whole thing-God has been right there with you, that is so evident and I know a special angel si watching over Tessa with such love and grace.She knows you are there and helping her all the way-what a very sweet child she is--hang in there--you are doing a great job! Say Hi to Jeanne for me- and I know that she is so very glad and relieved to be there with you all--Major hugs to you