Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fieldtrip on the Metro!

I have been wanting to go on a "metro fieldtrip" ever since we went into LA (right before Tessa was born). So, I did what every good hostess would do and planned out a fieldtrip for my parents. Being a fan of the KTLA morning show, I watched one morning show where they were in South Pasadena visiting the local businesses. It looked very quaint with unique shops and lots of coffee shops and some neat restaurants...or so it seemed. So, off we went...green line to blue line, to red line, to yellow line (yes, it took a little while but we got to see a lot of Los Angeles). We took a bathroom break at Union Station, took some pictures, and then on to SoPas we went. We ended up walking the wrong direction first (no problem), then we walked through a deserted downtown (it was Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday...I guess small businesses give themselves the day off, I would too), and then fortunately ended up at a cool restaurant called Wild Thymes (lots of character and great food). Basically, that's all we did, had a yummy lunch and walked back to the metro. My family was very gracious about the whole experience. I don't think I'll be taking any more fieldtrips to South Pasadena with my visitors.
I should drive there one day though (before I write-off this quaint town), we may have totally missed all the places we should have seen because we were on foot. Who knows. Here are some pictures of the event. Tessa really enjoyed the day, minus a couple of naps.
UPDATE: I've now received 2 comments on "not writing Pasadena off".
Just so you all know, I love Pasadena...I just wanted to try SOUTH Pasadena (totally different location). I love taking visitors to Old Town...fun place.
Waiting for the train
On the train
Tessa loving the train
Family photo at Union Station
Mom and Dad Love birds
Father-Daughter Band PhotoCutie Pies :)


FlutePrayer said...

Continue on to Old Town Pasadena and you will have a trip well worth your while and worthy of a field trip for out of towners.

august said...

dont write pasadena off, we used to go all the time, and i had a blast!