Friday, March 07, 2008

Doing Much Better

OK, so I'm doing much better now regarding the whole creepy thing in my house issue. I just talked to my sister who gave me an ear full. Yes, I know that these things are not dangerous and from a distance they can actually be kinda cute...just not in my home. I haven't seen him since, I'm hoping he found a way back outside b/c I know he probably fears for his life in this house. I'm thinking it might have been a gecko? Not sure. I just needed to use this blog to work through my fear...that's all. I'll try to put a little something more substantial on this weekend.
Something kind of fun regarding Tessa. We just sat down and had a full-on lunch together! Yes, I believe this little girl much prefers the fork over the spoon. Forget the yummy nutritious purees, bring on the pasta, chicken, grilled cheese, zucchini chunks! Blew me away, I was trying not to make a big deal about how great she was doing...I have a feeling that she may want to keep this eating thing low profile. Anyway, happy Friday! :)


Autumn said...

It's a lizard.