Sunday, March 09, 2008

Easter Egg Toss Winners

Brad and Lauren (who was standing in for Cari) had already won the adult egg throwing contest so they were seeing how far they could actually get. This is classic. It's fun to watch it a couple of times and hit the pause button right before and after it hits. (And yes, the loudest one laughing in the background is GRANDMA!!! :))
Worth every cent, huh Lauren? You handled it like a champ! 10 bucks to Starbucks for Brad and some chocolate eggs and an egg facial for Lauren. If you look closely there is still shell in her hair. :) Look at Brad's big smile, what a proud dad.

Here are the majority of the kiddos at this month's family gathering:


Autumn said...

ok so it sounds like I'm telling Brad to throw it...but just so you know I was telling Gideon to throw his at the ground :)

august said...