Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pumpkin is out

This is us in pre-op distracting her from an empty stomach.

Soon we will be able to fill out these little gowns they give us. Lamby was with us on this trip for a little extra comfort.

She was just starting to figure out that our "adventure" we had been talking about all morning was just about to begin. Not a big fan of the adventure and my hat.

The surgery lasted just short of three hours and now she is in the recovery room. We will be there for a couple of hours and then get moved to our room for the night. Dr. Wells said everything went fine and as expected so we are thankful for that. We will be updating throughout the day but I thought I would attach the drawing he made for us on what he actually did. I am sure you can make out what he did...

I am sure there are no questions I thought the drawing explained everything ! ;)

*By the way...Mark and I wanted to give a huge thanks to Grandma Diana & Rachel. Your presence helped the surgery time fly right on by! THANK YOU!!!


Sarah said...

wow. i'm so glad it went well!

and yeah totally. i get it now. thanks for the drawing.

Megan and Chris said...

I am SO glad the surgery went well. From the drawing, it looked pretty complex! :) We'll keep praying for comfort and healing for Tessa and for you two.

Amanda Walenga said...

Glad to hear everything went okay. I wish I understood that drawing more :).

My goodness she is such a cutie!

august herrema said...

so THATS what he did :/
anyways, :) i hope tessa gets through the whole recovery process well

Erin said...

SO glad that the surgery went well! Praying for Tessa and her mom and dad and hoping to get the chance to see all of you soon! We will be out for thanksgiving next week! You guys have been on quite the journey! I love seeing the joy in Tessa's eyes, you can see it in her pics ;) Love you all!
The VL's