Thursday, November 20, 2008

Liquid diet for a week? You're kidding, right?

How hard could that be, right? We were off to a rocky start. The Fieldhouse's are not good at following rules. Already in the hospital we were seeing how serious our doctor was about this "clear liquids" thing for a week. It turns out that we could bend his arm a little bit and he thought our suggestions were not quite so bad after all. Well, when we got home our cocktail of oatmeal juice, honey, and peanut butter was not a big hit anymore. Poor thing was not to happy with us. When we came home she went straight to her snack cupboard and found it empty. We may look dumb but we knew that would be the first place to check once we got home from the hospital. We ended up going to bed on a half empty stomach. Well, after a challenging morning, Allison got a great suggestion from her MOPS group, Malt-O Meal. This, currently, is the answer to our prayers. Malt-O meal with honey, with pesto, you name it, we tried it. She is eating this stuff like it is going out of style. You may be asking yourself, "that doesn't seem like a clear liquid" (refer back a couple of lines about us not being rule followers). This is one of the first times we have caved to the the whining persistent cry of an empty belly. Check out her spread for dinner tonight!

The only thing that is a clear liquid on this spread is the water in her cup (which she did not touch once). If you're sharp you will notice another rule we have broken...her no-no's are off. That one didn't last long either. (We mostly have her in them...especially if Allison wants to do her hair all fun.) Follow the rules, or keep our sanity? We choose sanity. We will keep you posted on how OUR clear liquid diet is going.


Anonymous said...

so what's the doctor's reasoning behind wanting tessa on a clear liquid diet?

Amanda Walenga said...

I have some questions for you. I read that you used the Pigeon nipple on Tessa. Where did you buy them? What bottles do they fit on?

Thank you!


Jennifer Gray said...

The whole clear liquid thing seems totally crazy to me anyway - I'm no doctor but as long as she's not drinking pond water I would assume she's not going to get an infection from milk.

She looks so totally fine - thankfully that wasn't such a hard one for her. When did you get home?

Megan and Chris said...

How's a girl supposed to heal on clear liquids alone? Doctors schmockers ...Tessa is lucky to have parents willing "bend" the rules a little every now and then. :)