Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Different Story

Oh, what a different story this is compared to all of our previous surgeries! I had the priviledge of going back to the recovery room while Mark and Grandma Diana waited in the lobby. The long walk down the hallway was quite a bit shorter knowing that Tessa was going to look the same as she did when we brought her in. Knowing that I could hold her close to me was such a relief! She's been doing great! (Granted she has been pretty drugged up.) We had the best nurse ever in the recovery room...she treated us all so well. Usually, only one person is allowed to be back there with Tessa. This time, however, we were given a private room, a recliner for Tessa and me, and 2 other chairs for Mark and Grandma, AND a DVD player! What a blessing. :)
We are now in our room...4 hours later...and Tessa has been in and out ever since we got her a bed to lay in. I brought her own pillow from home and she hasn't moved since she laid down her head. She really is such a precious gift! Such a champion!
Thank you all for your prayers...keep 'em coming, the morphine doesn't last forever!
A huge praise has been how easy breathing has been for Tessa, yeah!

Here's a look into her bed
The doctor came in and removed the stitch from her tongue.

A close-up of Tessa's "palate pack"...it's the best shot we could get.

Mommy and Lamby giving comfort in the recovery room.


Megan and Chris said...

What a champ! Hospitals are no fun at all so I am glad you guys are having as good of an experience as possible!

Chrissy Padilla said...

Awesome updates! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. I'm happy to hear that things are flowing smoothly.

Jennifer Gray said...

Thanks so much for the update and the pictures. Ugg - it's so sad to see her after surgery, maybe because ours is so recent too and I am always so thankful to be past the first week of recovery. Thank God for good medication and skilled surgeons. So he did end up suturing the tongue huh? I'm glad he did as a safety precaution. Can you believe the palate is closed???? Weird huh? What a precious little thing she is - I get teary eyed looking at the pictures. She is so sweet!
I'm praying you will sleep well tonight considering they'll be in there every couple of hours. Don't hesitate to make them call the doctor if her pain isn't controlled by the morphine and Tylenol with Codeine (assuming they're using that too for breakthrough pain). Call ANYTIME tonight if you want to I would love to wake up and talk to you. 949-274-5526.
Jen :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the prayers are being answered. Tessa looks great and so cozy next to mom and lamby. Love, hugs and prayers continue to come your way. SO glad to hear you have your own room with plenty of space for everyone!
LOVE: Ryan, Jill, Tryg & Graham

bwinkle said...

She is a champ! I can't believe what she has already been through. God is faithful and we will keep praying!