Sunday, March 08, 2009

1 Month Update

We are slackers...that is all that needs to be said. When we put off Blogging long enough it looms over our head and neither one of us wants to update. So, we are going to do a brief synopsis of the last month to get everybody back on track. Deal?

Motorcycle Mama and Grandma going out for a spin to the coffee shop.

We found a fun hat store while we were waiting for our names to be called for dinner. I think we'll visit this place again. :)

Tessa and her Grandpa and Grandma taking a stroll at The Grove in LA.

An egg at last!

Yep, one of our chickens FINALLY decided to start laying eggs. Ever since we dropped it off at the VerWys' B&B Chicken Coop for a week, they've been laying eggs (well, at least ONE of them has been laying...we get one a day. One of them is really slacking.) This picture shows the difference between the sizes of eggs our chickens lay in comparison to the store bought ones. We have about 10 eggs so far! Our eggs are smaller because we have miniature chickens.

Allison took a sweet digger on her bike coming back from her weekly ride to the beach.

Dr. Love cleaned her up and it is looking much better now. She did a really good job of NOT picking at her scabs! She even still has a scab on her leg and this all took place 3 weeks ago, now that's impressive.


The weather has been really nice which calls us to the outdoors more often than usual. The less clothes this girl has on the better she feels...we're constantly catching her pulling off her pants. I tell ya, this girl has no modesty!

This is how Tessa swings now. She will get a little upset it you try to help her swing because she is Little Miss Independent. However, she loves to be pushed on the red swing next to her.

Tessa just picked this up one day...she's a natural. This is Ella's toy...a much fought after one at that.

This little lady has endless energy and loves to spend it on the jumper. She asks to go on this thing as soon as she wakes up in the morning as well as all throughout the day. :) What a riot to watch her have a ball! What's the weight limit on this thing anyway???? Nevermind, don't tell us.

I love this video...Mom and Dad bought us this beautiful strawberry plant before they left. It took all of Tessa's patience to wait for the one strawberry to turn red b/f she could pick it. Finally, the moment has come and we thought we'd share it with you...

This picture is one of my favorites. :)


Neighbor Rob and Tessa's favorite person in the world... Ella. She says the word Ella more than any other word.

She is loving being able to eat "candy" this late in the night. All night long she had a marshmallow in her hand licking it every 10 seconds, precious. :)

The little man on the left is Jake, Ella's brother. He and Tessa are 3 weeks apart in age. We often time are not sure if she thinks his name is "NO!" (That is what she says almost everytime interacting with him or seeing him from a distance. Pretty funny.) Can you tell by the picture that she absolutely adores Ella?

"Say CHEESE!!!"

This is Rob's wife, Shelly

Staying warm in mommy's new hat...Auntie Erin made this and sent it to us in the mail, what a treat! Thanks Erin...we both LOVE it. :)


Chrissy Padilla said...

Nice catch-up!

Nadelhoffer said...

Woo Hoo! It was time for an update! I love the motorcycle mama and could relate to you not picking your scabs. I remember when you used to love to pick at my peeling sunburn - Gross! You're such a picker! The strawberry happy dance was too cute.

Anonymous said...

Great recap and videos! Love to you all from Holland!

Sarah said...

you should blog again.