Monday, March 23, 2009

Solvang Weekend

Styling in Solvang
My buddy Autumn and me sporting some serious bike gear...
Check out those pom-poms.
They really came in handy when I needed some major cheering while riding up all those hills!

A send-off kiss from my #1 cheerleader. :)

Fun times at the finish line
The crew...Team Field-go (Fieldhouse/Igo)
Stud-man Shane rode the century...Autumn and I rode the 1/2. We're already talking about kicking butt in the 100 next year. Watch your back on that massive hill, Shane...that's were we plan on passing you up! :)

Did some wine-tasting after the ride in Los Olivos, CA.
Saarloos & Sons
Awesome place! I've never been wine tasting before, but this place was great. :) I guess it didn't hurt that we know the owners...the wine was good too (like I really know what a good wine tastes like!)

It would have been nice to hang out around the fire with a bottle of wine, however, we all had children to get back to...
It sure was nice to get away for a night without kids. That was the first time we've done that since Tessa entered the picture. I think we should do it more often. ;)
Thanks again, Grandma & Grandpa!


Sarah said...

love the outfit! the pompoms totally make it complete.

you rode 50 miles????? that's a lot. and then went wine tasting? i think i'd be passed out for the rest of the day.

Megan and Chris said...

What a fun trip! I think I might do more bike riding if I get to wear pom poms on my shoes ...