Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hangin' with Jen & the kids

What a treat! We got to visit my good friend, Jeni, and all her kiddos while passing through Layfayette/McMinnville, OR. :) We had met Bella when she was just a baby, but now we got to meet Keagen and Camille! Jeni took us to this awesome park out in the middle of nowhere. However, when we arrived, this is what we saw:

What a fun park! And to add the the coolness of it all, the Spruce Goose is parked in one of the buildings...I think it was an aircraft museum or something like that. We didn't really pay attention to that, the playground was way more fun. :)

A little role reversal :)
Keagen doing his own thing...he and Tessa traded shoes (it's the new thing).

This was the only way we were able to get all their pictures together...stick 'em in a tube. :)
No way out!
Here's Jen and her precious little Camille (who pretty much slept the entire time we were there...what a great baby).
Again, another role reversal. Tessa's such a big girl these days!

And to top it all off, Jeni made us some amazing banana bread and chocolate chip cookies for the road...what a treat! Also, they got Tessa a Water Doodle book and pen for a little something to play with on the roadtrip. You guys are awesome! We look forward to seeing you next time in MI! :)


Sarah said...

Dude. that IS a sweet playground. The last time we went to museum there we played at the playground most of the time instead. Love that place.

Nadelhoffer said...

She's getting so big! Look at those long Dutch legs! Give her a big squeeze.

Anonymous said...

so fun!! was the park really in the middle of no where??? It looks like it should be crowded all the time!