Monday, April 26, 2010

Extreme Pool Makeover

When we bought our house we were stoked about the size of the backyard. All we had to do was fill in the pool and we were set. Well the estimates came in on how much it would cost and I was ready to take on the project myself. Rent a bobcat for a week and call on some friends to help and it will be filled in in no time. Well, after seeking some council about what a stupid idea that was since I have never ran a bobcat before in my life, we out filling in the pool on hold. Then for about 2 weeks we kicked around the idea of adding on but that too fizzled. We decided to wait a couple more years until the girls were older and we really needed more room (i.e. 2 bathrooms, one for Mark and one for the ladies of the house). Well we then decided that we might as well fix up the pool for almost the same price as taking it out. Well lets just say it went from replacing the cement to a brand stinkin new pool. The only original thing left is the diving board because you cannot buy the really springy ones anymore. We HOPE that this project will be over in about a week meaning water in the pool and no workers starting to show up in the 6's waking everyone up. We will keep (try to at least) you posted on the next weeks events.


Anonymous said...

mercy sakes a livin'! well, i must say i am very excited to come see this monster project and all of you in person some day soon. wow. and i cannot thank you enough for posting some new updates. i feel like we just met for coffee or something or maybe just received a big hug. so, thanks!