Thursday, October 04, 2012

That CHAOS I was talking about...

 My amazing husband laid each one of these pavers with his own hands...his dad kept track of the intricate pattern that had to be followed.  Temps in the upper 90's!  Couldn't have picked a better 2 weeks to do this labor intensive project!  Praise the Lord Good Soil had a deal going on where we got 4 guys for 6 hours for $ THAT'S a deal. :)

 Mark had to cut each one of those pavers to make that "pretty curve" as Tessa calls it. 
What an encourager.
 Let's just squeeze in another surgery...Tessa got tubes put in her ears.  
No big deal, she's a champ (not to mention she's still a little fish in the water!)
 And now for the REST of the house...
because every project snowballs into something a little bit bigger.

 The driveway got taken out,
 the back step removed,

the front porch removed, 
 add a little caution tape, a bobcat,
and some re bar to step over,
ahhhhh....I love projects!  
So really, why not throw in more chaos when there's already this going on? :)
 Our camera took a dump. :(
But would you look at that?  We are getting closer!  I'll put up some more photos of some of the finished product in my next entry.  
Mark has his hands full with a house full of women, a full time job, projects galore...actually, he couldn't be happier!  I'm so proud of him.  I'm blessed to call him my husband and best friend.

It sure felt good to get out and leave the chaos at home!  Mini road trip to San Diego's Sea World was a big hit. :)

 Clara was a trooper!
What a fun day! :)